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Exelon (Rivastigmine)
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Product description: Exelon is used for treating mild to moderate dementia (eg, impairment of memory or judgement, abstract thinking, changes in personality) in patients with Alzheimer disease or Parkinson disease. Exelon is a cholinesterase inhibitor. It works by increasing the amount of a certain substance (acetylcholine) in the brain. This may help reduce symptoms of dementia in patients with Alzheimer disease.
Active Ingredient:rivastigmine
Exelon as known as:Rivadem, Rivasmine, Prometax, Rivastigmina, Rivastigmin
Dosages available:6mg, 4.5mg, 3mg, 1.5mg

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exelon constellation merger details in the fabric

Exelon Constellation Merger Details In The Fabric